• Currently working as a principal enginner at the RIPE NCC.
  • I've been the lead of the RIPE NCC's Research & Development team. I architected / built / facilitated / godfathered services such as RIPE Atlas, RIPEstat, RIPE Labs, RIPE IPmap and more.
  • I started as a system architect at the RIPE NCC, working in a cross-organisational, international team doing prototyping and architecture design of RPKI (Resource PKI).
  • Previously I was the manager of a team for a Hungarian IT system provider dealing with e-business solutions and providing Certification Authority and time stamping services (used for qualified electronic signatures - which seemed like a good idea at the time!). I was a member of the team building the CA and TS services.
  • In the late 90s I built a number of web services such as web shops, portals and business information services, which led me to a path to dive into information security. Became a CISSP and GSEC (for a while).
  • My "mother tongue" is C/C++ though nowadays when I do program it's Python and/or Go.
  • Possessing a broad, and in cases deep, knowledge of networking, information systems security, system administration, systems architecture and programming. I'm much preferably on the "let's imagine and create it!" side of things.
  • Leading / managing team(s) for about 20 years now, with exposure to FIN / HR / marketing / public representation / communities.

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Technology letter soup:

  • C/C++, x86, Java, Perl, Bash, Javascript, Python, Go
  • TCP/IP, IPv4, IPv6, DNS, BGP, HTTPS, ...
  • X.509, TLS, CA, OpenSSL
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Redis, nginx, ...
  • Django, Vue, Bootstrap
  • Kafka, RabbitMQ
  • Debian/Devuan, CentOS, MacOS
  • Git, Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub
  • XYZ

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